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Industrial Sewing Machines Tune-Up

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Is your Industrial Sewing Machine skipping stitches, eating the fabric, making a strange noise, maybe it has frozen/seized up or not working the way it used to work?

We can help fix your commercial sewing machine. Sometimes industrial sewing machines only need a complete tune up to keep running like new.

We repair all kind of industrial sewing machines. Our family owned and operated sewing machine repair business is a local and reliable company with many years of experience in the sewing machine repair industry.

Your commercial sewing machine will leave working smoothly after our complete tune-up. The services includes:

Checks Points or Adjustments

  • Needle bar height

  • Hook timing

  • Feed timing

  • Belt tension

  • Gear spacing

  • Play on bushings

  • Motor speed

  • Position bracket/Position finger

  • Parts worn out

  • Tension unit


  • Complete blowout

  • Bobbin case cleaning tension spring cleaning

  • Sewing head brush out/wipe inside

  • Remove rough spots and burrs.


  • Primary drive shaft bushings or bearings

  • All moving sections of the shuttle assembly and sewing head

  • Grease is apply after cleaning the gear teeth properly

Tension Balance

  • The upper tension is set to the bobbin tension. The factory setting is set and the stitch is properly balanced on both sides.

  • Obstructions to proper stitch creation is checked, burrs, pressure foot damage, or needle plate damage

  • Pressure bar pressure is set to create the proper stitch

Test and Sew

  • Test on material.

Bring your industrial sewing machine to our store and we will make it run like new!

Call us now to schedule an appointment at 425-435-7032.

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