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Is It Worthy to Fix an Old Sewing Machine?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This is one of the most common questions our customers ask. The answer is Yes! Definitely is it worth to fix. Let’s dive into this answer.

Old sewing machines were made with metal (covers, gears, cams, mechanism and many more parts and components) meaning they are heavy duty, they sew all kind of materials including leather with the right attachments. They are tough and the parts do not break easily.

Nowadays, even the most expensive brands are made with plastic parts and breakable components. I’m not saying you should not buy a new sewing machine, but just keep in mind that buying a new sewing machine is very expensive and depends in how often you sew and the fabric you are sewing, there is a risk that you might break an inside component from your new machine within a year if you are not careful in how you handle your new sewing machine.

Most sewing machine dealers will tell you that your old machine is not worth to fix because it is easier for them to make a profit by selling a new sewing machine and a yearly maintenance agreement than to fix your old sewing machine. It depends where you live, the sewing machine brand and model you might want to buy, you are looking to spend more than $500.00 in a new sewing machine plus a yearly maintenance agreement of about $450.00 plus attachments or miscellaneous sewing items, the final price is very expensive.

A well-maintained old sewing machine will last longer (forever). Regular maintenance will keep the parts and components properly lubricated and this will prevent wear and tear. The recommendation is a yearly tune-up. You will not spend a lot of money paying for sewing machine maintenance/repair than to buy a new machine. Old sewing machines do not have many of the latest computerize features than the new machines have, nonetheless, they do a wonderful job sewing and you might be surprise what they can sew using different attachments.

If you are new in the sewing world and you are not sure if you should buy a new or an old sewing machine to learn sewing, I will definitely recommend buying an old sewing machine and giving it a yearly maintenance. It will last you longer. If you are a pro and not sure if you should sell or trade your old sewing machine for a new machine, I will recommend keeping your old sewing machine. Talk to an expert like us, to advise you what kind of attachments you need to sew different fabrics and materials.

We will be happy to assist you. Our passion is to repair sewing machines and to give you honest advices. I hope this blog has provided you useful information about old sewing machine vs buying new sewing machines.

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